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Sentinel 2.00

New System, Same Superior Quality.

Sentinel 2.00 is the most powerful Health Physics Information System available from PTI Systems.

It performs all traditional RP functions including:

· Self-Service Radiological Access Control

· Occupational Dose Management including Regulatory Guide 8.7 (U.S.) compliant dose reporting.

· Radiation Work Permit (RWP) Creation and Management.

· Equipment Management including Inventory, Maintenance and Calibration.

· Source Management including Inventory, Services, and Automatic Decay Calculation.

· Respirator Management including Inventory, Issue/Return, and Maintenance.

· As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) Work and Dose Tracking and Dose Budgeting.

· High Radiation Area Key Management.

· Dosimeter of Legal Record (DLR) Management including Inventory, Posting DLR Results, Comparison 
of DLR Results with Estimated Dose, and error control functions.

· Multiple DLR (Multipack) Management, including EDEX functions.

Sentinel's Main Functions

Personnel Protection

Sentinel 2.00 stores personnel exposure totals and limits for radiation exposures. This includes the capability to assign radiation exposure values based on committed exposures or perform advanced dose calculations for extremity exposures.


 The Sentinel database supports configuration of the database engine by the client. The manufacturer of the database engine software may also support database replication and auditing. Sentinel can be configured to operate using the following database management systems: Oracle and MS SQL Server.


Create reports required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC) and the Department of Energy (DOE), as well as Dose Requests Letters, Dose Response Letters, and Dose Reports.

Custom Interfaces to Other Systems 

Custom interfaces to your exact needs.

Migration of Legacy Data

Migration of legacy data into users version of Sentinel.

Custom Design and


Custom design work to provide our users the best system.

Installation and QA Testing Assistance

Assistance with installation of Sentinel to run as intended in addition to QA testing

Custom Enhancements

Enhancements provided to work with users needs.

On-site/Online Training

Training that will guide you early on in the process to easily learn how to operate Sentinel.

Sentinel is comprised of three application suites: 
Access Control
Exposure Management
Equipment Management

Sentinel 2.00 integrates WEB API services and encryption features to work within secured networks. Sentinel 2.00 maintains the core features and functionality our clients depend on along with new and updated features and functionality.  




  • Real-time monitoring of access events and problems.

  • Supervisory control over access restrictions.

  • Ability to correct access data and edit AC transaction data.

Exposure Management Suite

  • Secure control of people and work inside controlled area.

  • Flexible entry and exit process.

  • Provides large amount of information to worker.

  • Remotely configurable.

Equipment Management Suite

  • Simple yet powerful tool for using, tracking, and maintaining equipment.

  • Bar codes can be assigned to each piece of equipment. 

  • Important dates, for such actions as calibration, battery replacement, and inspections, are set easily with standard Windows calendars.

  • Radiological Access Control

  • Exposure Management and Dosimetry Management of Portable RP Equipment

  • Specialty Applications

  • Regulatory dose reporting (NRC & DOE)​

  • Implementation services:

  • Legacy Data Migration

  • System Integration

  • Hardware Interfaces

  • Industry database interfaces:

  • ISOE

  • PADS


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