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Exposure Management

DLR Management:

Manage DLR records within a client site in the following ways: 

• Maintain Inventory of all DLRs and allow configuration of DLR assignment files
• Add DLRs to Inventory - Individually or via Batch-File
• Delete DLRs from Inventory
• Release Assigned, Unused DLRs
• Exchange and Return DLRs to Inventory - Individually or via Batch-File
• Update DLR Shipping and Delivery Dates
• Batch Assignment – Perform Actions for Periodic (Quarterly) DLR Exchange 
• Configure DLR Assignment Files
• Manage Inventory of Multipack DLRs
• Multipack Build Design and Management 
• Multipack DLR Assignment, Return, Release, and Processing
• DLR Dose Processing – Perform Actions for Single and Batch DLR Dose Processing, Undo a Previously Posted File, Calculated Dose, and Error Resolution
• Area Monitored DLRs- Perform Assignment, Exchange, and Returns of Area-Monitored DLRs. Post and De-Post Dose Files, Undo a Previously Posted File, and Process Dose Data for a Single Area-Monitored DLR
• Create, View, and Print Reports

Dose Analysis Management:

Allow a user to record dose analyses results related to internal, external and DAC-Hour analyses and manipulate dose analyses information.

App Icon_ALARA Management.png

ALARA Management:

Provide a mechanism for managing ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) program data including dose budgeting and performance tools.

Reports Management:

Allow end users to create reports required by Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy, as well as create Dose Request Letters, Dose Response Letters, and Dose Reports

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