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Access Control 

RCA Access:

This application allows qualified users to perform Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) Access entry and exit transactions:

 Provides End Users with a Method to Conduct Ingress, Egress, and Subzone Transactions in Areas Controlled for Radiological Reasons
 Interfaces with the Sentinel database to Record RCA Access Data 
 Verifies the Data Entered Against the Sentinel Database
 Operates in Local Emergency Mode (LEM) or Standard Mode

Sentinel Launch:

Manage user access to authorized Sentinel applications. End users will use this application to login to Sentinel applications, switch license code site access when operating in a multi-site environment, update license keys, manage window displays, and view statistical and version data.

System Configuration:

Provide systemwide configuration for Sentinel applications. this is broken down by Users, Individual Nodes, and System Wide settings.

App Icon_Code Table Management.png

Code Table Management:

Input, manage, and configure site specific data and parameters using code tables that can be accessed by the Sentinel suite of applications.

Rad Worker Management:

Monitor and manage demographics, qualifications, DLRs, dose data, status, and produce reports for individual rad workers:

RWP Management:

Perform RWP administration in accordance site defined processes and procedures:

• Create new, edit existing, and revise existing RWPs
• Authorize workers for access using designated RWPs
• Approve RWP content
• Track cumulative dose received by workers under RWPs and deactivate RWPs.

SRD Management:

Manage SRD (Self-Reading Dosimeter) records. create, edit, delete and view SRD service and historical records.

Rad Access Management:

Allow an authorized user to perform administrative, monitoring and control activities related to employee access into Radiological Control Areas (RCAs)

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