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Nuclear software is our business. Sentinel isn't secondary to a hardware line it is our main software giving our users the most secure RP software on the market.


We have spent our time creating the Largest RP software user base in the world. Working with these clients to create a robust system to fit all your needs.


Since 1984 we have been a pillar in Protection Management Software Solutions for Nuclear Facilities.

Meet PTI

Founded as Pro-Tem Incorporated in 1979, PTI was the first company to bring client-server systems to radiation protection programs to nuclear powered electric utilities.
In the 1980's, we began supporting health physics and radiological functions through system integration of information systems.
Today, our products maintain health and safety records in nuclear facilities worldwide. Each year, these systems manage thousands of dosimetry records and tens of thousands of monitored individuals.
We are committed to achieving superior quality in all products and services that we deliver.

40+ years of continuous development and support of RP software.
  • Supports Microsoft and Oracle Databases.
  • Complete management of code tables.
  • Thorough warranty and support.
  • Control your costs with the flexible license purchase structure.
  • Optional PADS interface for Exposure Management modules.
  • Multiple levels of user-defined security.
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